Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Mitten Pattern

PATTERN (See Appendix A for process steps with photographs - I will post this later with photos)
Make a starting chain (caterpillar) of four stitches
Round 1:  Attach the next stitch to the side of the chain with an F1+1 connection.  Make a new stitch in the same connector.  Continue to the end of the chain making connections and make a new stitch in the last stitch.  Continue around the end of the caterpillar chain repeating the new stitches in the same positions on the other side.  (4 new stitches)
Rounds 2-9:  Repeat the process as in Round 1 until cap is 44 stitches around.
Round 10:  Stitch around with no additional increases.
Rounds 11-27:  Repeat round 10.  (Make to the length from fingertip to thumb)
Round 28:  Place mitten cap on fingers to determine placement for thumb hole.  Using two stitch markers indicate width and placement.  Start stitching across row until first marker reached.  By chaining without attaching to the previous row add the same number of stitches as the width needed for the thumb hole.  (Additional stitches may be needed in addition to the number skipped on the previous row.) Reattach the chain on the next previous row stitch after the second marker.  Continue to the end of the round making sure to connect each stitch.
Round 29: Stitch to the end of the round making sure to connect each one to the previous round.
Rounds 30-36:  Repeat round 26.  (Until length reaches about an inch below the palm of the hand)
Round 37:  As in rounds 1-9 increase 2 stitches on each end of the round.  (Increase by 4 stitches)
Round 38:  Stitch to the end of the round making sure to connect each stitch to the previous row.
Rounds 39-52:  Repeat rounds 34 and 35 until total length of cuff is reached.
Tighten the last stitch and weave the working end of the yarn into the body of the mitten.
Thumb insertion:
Round 1:  Starting in the middle of the upper portion of the hole, make a stitch making sure to connect to the previous round.  Continue to corner of the hole connecting stitches.  At the corner make additional stitches as needed to make sure there will not be a hole where the thumb connects to the mitten.  Continue on to the other side of the hole again taking additional stitches at the second corner.  From here continue to the starting point of the round.
Round 2:  Stitch to the end of the round making sure to connect each stitch to the previous row.
Rounds 3-11:  Repeat round 2 until thumb cap is even with top of thumb.
Round 12:  Decrease to half the number of stitches in the round by skipping every other connecting stitch in the previous round.
        Insert the needle into each loop of the previous round and cinch it tight to close it off.  Weave the end of the working yarn into the body of the thumb.

        Turn the mitten inside out to place the working side in. The open spaces between the stitches on the working side allow for an insulated effect.  The wrong side has a slightly better grip and is useful for working. 

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