Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Personal Artsy Challenge

It has been a long time since I last posted here.  I am going to try to post more often.

I issued myself an Artsy Challenge, whereby I try to spend at least an hour everyday doing something Artsy.  Some of that is making clothes and some of it is working on my naabinding.  Daily posts will appear on my other blog Muirghein's Moments and might be something as simple as a "I spent XX amount of time doing such and such activity".

My posts here won't be daily but they will happen.  The posts here will be more in-depth in that they will be more of the same of what is already on here.  Posts on how I made the things I have during my artsy periods.  They will include some research and instructions with photos where I can.

Feedback and comments are always welcome as they will encourage me to continue posting.  I love interaction during the teaching and learning process.  Let's do this together shall we.

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