Friday, June 25, 2010

Rectangular Construction: A Tunic Pattern - Part II


To make this garment you will need:

Fabric, measuring tape, yard stick, chalk or pencil.


These are the measurements needed:

Body: (NOTE: I usually use 1/2" seam allowance on all sides, but use whatever you are comfortable with using)

  1. Shoulder to floor - __________ + _________ (Seam Allowance) = _________
  2. Around fist - (_____/2) + _______ (Seam Allowance) = _________
  3. Over the shoulder to underarm (armscye) ______ + _____ (Seam Allowance) = ______
  4. Underarm width (usually between 6 & 10 inches on the average adult) (_____/2) + _____ (Seam Allowance) = _______
  5. Shoulder to Shoulder ______ + _____ (Seam Allowance) = ________ (NOTE: Measure shoulder point to shoulder point across the front and the back and use whichever measurement is the larger number)
  6. Arm length from shoulder (don't forget to bend the elbow) _____ + _____ (Seam Allowance) = _____


(A) Base of he neck from shoulder to shoulder _______ / 2 = _______ (Taken across the back of the neck at the base)

(B) Side of the neck from front collar bone to back (base of the neck) _____ / 2 = ______

To figure out how much fabric you need, take the total from measurement (1) and double it.

Using me as an example:

At the top of the shoulder, I am 56" from the floor; therefore, after adding in the seam allowance to measurement (1) I will need a piece of fabric 114 inches long. This is less than 3.5 yards. You can even use 45" wide fabric! But, the wider the fabric, the fuller your tunic hem.

I'll go over where to take some of these measurements in the next post as I want to add photos so I can show you.

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