Thursday, January 15, 2009

My first A&S 50 update

Okay, so I joined the A&S 50 Challenge back at the Meridian Fall Coronation and 30 Year Celebration.

Mistress Solveig (the Meridian Coordinator) recently reminded me that I had as yet not posted anything about what I had done so far.

Here is what I remember:

In November of 2007 I taught a class on double faced tablet weaving at the Fighter's Collegium event.

In January of last year (2008), at Menhir, I taught a class on Rectangular Construction of a conjecturally period pattern for a nordic tunic. This class has led me to look for other cultures that might have used the same type of construction methods for their garments.

In March 2008, at Gulf Wars, I taught several classes. I taught "Introduction to Tablet Weaving", "Double Face Tablet Weaving", "Rectangular Construction: A Nordic Tunic", and "Rectangular Construction: Viking Apron Dress Patterns."

At the Royal University of Meridies Universitas event in July 2008, I stepped in and taught an impromptu version of the Nordic Tunic class to fill a spot that became vacant due to a teacher not being able to attend due to a death in their family.

That is my update up to this point. More coming soon.